Product No. GSX-1900
  Product Name Manual Hand Dryer
  • Power supply: Voltage AC220V 50Hz)
  • Electricity consumption 1000W
  • Working ampere 4.5A
  • Working noise <40dB
  • Outlet air temperature 40~50ÂșC
  • Sense distance 10~20cm/Adjustable
  Functions and Features
  • The infrared induction, the human body are in the induction scope are water leakage, exempts the switch valve troublesomeness.
  • The main engine uses the microcomputer control, all flush the water movement to complete automatically by the machine, avoids the bacterium infection effectively, compared to manual showers saves water 30%.
  • Response time control.
  • Uses 4AA alkaline battery, every day uses 300 times, in two years do not need to replace the battery.
  • The Tibet wall type design, suits the standard wall the installment, manifests the decoration and the environment integration.
  • Suits in the hospital operating room and in the decoration request quite high place uses.
  Explanation of Installation