Product No. HF-X001
  Product Name Automatic Faucet
  • Power supply: DC 6V(four AAA alkaline batteries)
  • Static power consumption: 0.5mW(AC6V)
  • When four AAA alkaline batteries are used, and presuming that the product is used for 300 times a day, the power supply can last for 2 years.
  • Inductive range: 8cm-20cm automatic distance measurement
  • Suitable water pressure: 0.02-0.8Mpa
  • Preferable design water pressure: 0.1-0.3Mpa
  • Ambient temperature of operation: 1-55
  • Water inlet/outlet pipe caliber: G(1/2)(DN15)
  Functions and Features
  • Infrared induction, water outlet automatic turn-on/turn-off, water saving, convenient, sanitary, and effectively avoiding cross infection of bacteria
  • The product is controlled by a micro-computer to automatically adjust the frequency of use, time length of each time of use and the flushing time, and effectively save the water consumption.
  • In places with high frequency of use, the water flushing volume of each time of use is 1.2-3L, and is 2-4L in places with low frequency of use (the water injection pressure is 0.3-0.6Mpa).
  • There are built-in water volume adjusting valve and filtering net, so non-professional persons can also conduct water volume adjustment and cleaning of filtering net.
  • When the toilet has not been used for a long time, the flusher will conduct an automatic flushing for every 24 hours, in order to prevent the residual water in the water trap from drying, and prevent the stench to flow back.
  • Four AA alkaline batteries are used. Presuming the product is used for 300 times a day, the batteries need not to be replaced in two years.
  Explanation of Installation